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Testing, whether it is destructive or non-destructive, provides the end user a degree of confidence that the part that is being tested has no inherent flaws in it that may cause premature failure in its particular application. A stress crack in a part or a coating system that was not applied properly can have devastating results. Wolkerstorfer Company offers destructive testing, such as salt spray, cross hatch scribe testing and others to validate the coating systems we apply meet the applicable specifications.

Penetrant Inspection, also called Liquid Penetrant Inspection or Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection is a non-destructive method for testing a part for defects either in the wrought stage or after all the manufacturing and machining has been performed.



Nadcap / ITAR Quality Systems

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Note to consumers: Wolkerstorfer Company provides metal finishing services to the industrial and commercial marketplace. We do not offer painting or plating services for consumer and household items such as: automobile parts, motorcycle parts, jewelry, kitchen/bath fixtures and furniture. Thank You.