ASTM D4417
SSPC-VIS 1, Method A or C

In a perfect world we would always have clean parts ready to be coated. In reality, we receive parts that require special pretreatments, like blasting, to remove scales and oxides as result of manufacturing, welding and heat treatment. Blasting is also used as a pretreatment to provide a profile that gives a subsequent coating a “mechanical tooth” to improve the overall adhesion. This profile can be tested and quantified per ASTM D4417, with a visual check per SSPC-VIS 1.

We use a variety of different medias, including glass bead, aluminum oxide or plastic depending on the severity of the contaminant, the dimensional tolerances and specific surface finishes detailed on the print. From small parts that can be bulk processed to larger pieces requiring special handling, Wolkerstorfer Company is prepared to accommodate your requirements.

Walk-In Blast Room: 12 feet wide x 15 feet long x 15 feet high
Hand Blast Cabinets: 28 inches wide x 48 inches long x 24 inches high
Tumble Blaster: 10 inches wide with a 24 inch diameter drum

The “Wolkerstorfer Way” – Exceptional quality with responsive lead times.